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HQ Tech

Manufacturer and distributor of electronic and RFID-ready products.

ID Integrations

Tailor-made animal visual and electronic identification programs.

Custom Design

Seamless and scalable RFID/NFC indoor and outdoor applications.

About us

Helping people and animals the smart way.

PTRIZ has over twenty years of experience in providing solutions that help both humans and animals. By utilizing vast RFID methods, as well as other related technologies, we offer our services on multiple levels:

Electronics and RFID

High quality equipment designed for humans, pets and livestock animals.

Animal identification

Microchipping, db registration and international pet reunification systems.

A world of possibilities

Asset tracking, indoor location, safety products for agro/vets/individuals.

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al. Hallera 140, 80-416 GdaƄsk, Poland

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